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Icons! Feel free to use any of them, just credit me! :D


Avatar: The Last Airbender-

Enjoy! Also, if you like one of the icons above, but want something added to it, like text, or if you want text taken away, or a new color added, ect, just tell me and I'll be happy to edit it for you! :D

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Well, I have quite a few pictures to finish. Also, I'm trying to make sprites. Any ideas? All of that, and there's a new picture finished. It's called Flight To Minas Morgal. You know, the LOTR Naz'gul flying to their home.

Here's what I'm working on:

Here's what I finished:

Flight To Minas Morgal ~

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To My Art Gallery ------>

Recent Pieces:

Title : Man Of Dancing Flames



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